First Aid in Suffolk
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Event Medical Cover

We're a team of passionate ambulance people who also work on the front line, responding to calls for help every day. 

We're vetted by the DBS, exceptionally well trained and have right skills and equipment for whatever your event throws at us.

Reasonably Priced

From racing to filming, we've got you covered.


Whatever your event, we'll provide a great team, with the right skills and equipment to provide the best cover

We work at events all over Essex and Suffolk, including:

charity events - running - walking - cycle race - cycle tour - half marathon - triathlon - 5K - 10K - fireworks - fayre - fete - music festival - unit medic - filming - motor sport - moto-x

All events covered

Along with everything we'll need to help anyone who is taken ill or injured, we'll also have:

Lost child wristbands


Bottled water

Rain ponchos

Advice posters and leaflets

To help keep your guests happy and healthy.

The missing piece

Unlike other companies, we don't ask you sign any ongoing support contracts.

No contracts

Our smart, uniformed medical team, ambulances, crews and specialist vehicles to provide the best cover at your event, for a reasonable price.

Our great team

Our outstanding team of ambulance 

people go the extra mile to make our service stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Simply excellent

We'll bring all of the right lifesaving and first aid kit that we'll need as standard.

Fully kitted

We'll create a bespoke medical solution just for your event.


For every event we'll complete a risk assessment and write a medical provision plan. 

If you need help arranging medical provision, our expert team can assist.


Our team boast an impressive fleet including:

Car our cars can be unmarked and discrete, but still fully kitted with all the kit we'll need.

Ambulance emergency transport within your event or a comfortable and fully kitted first aid post - our ambulances are overt, fully lit and carry A&E specification equipment.

ATV off road access to any casualty in any place is made fast and easy with our quad bike. It's perfect for off road running events.

Bicycle when vehicle movement is restricted or paths are narrow, our cycle response unit is perfect to getting help to anyone who may need it.


Temple At War Cressing

What people say about EAS Medical...

I had a heart attack and I wouldn't be here today without your care

Steve - Essex


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