Ambulances plus crew
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Event Medical Cover

Ambulance by sea


Our ex front line ambulances are fully kitted with everything you'd expect to find on a 999 vehicle.

Our ambulances are clean, well lit and make great treatment areas. They're also focal points and give your event a professional edge.

We'll usually provide a crewed ambulance as standard.

Ambulance crew V2
Event Medical Team
First Aid Flag
Event Medical Team


Our fabulous, paramedic-led team is made up of current and ex frontline ambulance staff.


Our friendly, smart, uniformed team are always ready to help. 

Unlike many other companies, we'll always provide ambulance staff, (not First Aiders) when we support your event. 


The quad bike is a real head-turner. Yes, it's a lot of fun, but it's also an invaluable asset to our team.

Our quad bike is best utilised at cross country races, school events and off road cycle events.

It is always deployed with an experienced, licensed and insured operator along with a full ambulance response kit.

Children on Quad Bike

Cycle Unit

Our cycle unit carries first aid and basic life support equipment. It's nimble and agile enough to get down narrow paths, steps and anywhere else that a motorised vehicle cannot go.

We'll supply our CRU with a fit, strong rider who will be able to keep pedalling all day!