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We're pleased to support your training needs in a new, COVID-secure way.


To keep everyone who trains with us safe we've made a few changes, but don't worry - we're still delivering the highest quality training. We've put information on this page, but we'll talk through it at the start of the first day of your course.


If anyone in your group has any COVID-19 symptoms, please don't attend training. To help with this, we'll check temperatures at the start of each day. 

Social distancing

We'll set up the room to ensure space between each person (we'll need a bit more room for this). 

Hand cleansing

There will be lots of hand cleansing equipment (hand gel) and opportunities to wash/sanitise your hands.

Equipment cleaning

Our equipment is always cleaned to the highest standards. As much as possible, we'll provide each person with their own equipment, including bandages, face shields and manikin faces. 


We've made changes to our practical sessions to ensure social distancing is adhered to and to keep you safe. The UK and European Resus Councils have published adaptations to CPR (see our guide at the top of this page). We'll teach both the COVID-safe and non-COVID time versions. 


We'll provide enough, decent, single-use PPE to keep you safe whilst training with us. This includes face masks, gloves and manikin shields.

Track and Trace

We'll have a NHS Track and Trace QR code for you to register when you arrive each day.

We're keeping a close eye on the information published by Qualsafe Awards (our Awarding Organisation), the UK Government, the NHS, the WHO and the UK and European Resuscitation Councils to make sure we're always delivering the most up-to-date information.  

Download your


COVID-19 CPR Guide

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