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About Us

We're proud to make first aid easy, reliable and accessible.

Our team of ambulance people work together at a private ambulance service in Suffolk. We started Essex and Suffolk Medical in 2017 to take our skills and uniquely easy way of working into what's otherwise a very complicated market.

We're here to provide brilliant care to anyone who might need it at public and private gatherings in Essex and Suffolk. 

You can hire us to provide primary care to your staff and guests, which ensures you meet the requirements of event organisers and keeps everyone safe and happy.

How do we compare?
  • Enhanced DBS checked

  • Safeguarding level 2

  • First Aid at Work qualification

  • Emergency prehospital care qualifications

  • Work with an independent ambulance service

  • Voluntarily help the NHS ambulance service

  • Qualified to drive on blue lights

  • Highly experienced

  • Fully insured

We love to meet and help different people at events, but remember - we're not a statutory service. 


If there's an emergency and there isn't someone nearby to help, call 999 straight away.

Our job isn't to replace the 999 service, but to help, support and reduce the pressure at public and private events.

We're here to provide brilliantpatient-centric care at public and private events in the East of England.

Our Purpose
Our Values

You may have heard about CQC. The Care Quality Commission are the government agency who ensure that patients are cared for properly and kept safe and secure at all times. CQC currently govern medical services similar to ours which operate an ambulance for the transport of sick or injured people.

Although EAS Medical are exempt from registration right now, we're currently expanding into a CQC registered service. Our high standards will exceed the requirements of CQC, we're led by a CQC registered manager, work with (or for) another CQC registered service and follow all the same rules and protocols.


Today, we don't offer an off-site patient transport service; our ambulances are used for on-site treatment and transport. If we need to transport a patient to hospital, we'll ask our colleagues in the statutory services to take over.


As our business continues to grow, our ambition is to offer a more holistic service, including transport where required. Check back for updates.


We use technology to stamp out long, complex tasks and processes to ensure we spend more time delivering care and less time doing admin.


Our team go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. 


Care is the heart of everything we do. We'll ask for feedback and act upon it to make things better and better. 

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