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Does your little one have an interest in first aid? Do you think that your young people should learn some life-saving skills? Is there a budding paramedic in your family? This is the experience for them! 

For just £20, this three hour experience gives first hand experience in how to help someone in need, including how to get help in an emergency.

We offer an experience which is entirely unique - no-one has done this before! We make lifesaving fun, with practical, hands-on demos, which are designed to be interesting, entertaining and age-appropriate. 

Everyone who participates will receive a first aid passport. Every activity completed earns a sticker which goes towards completing the passport.

This experience is for 6-13 year olds. Adults - please check out our range of workplace, paediatric and prehospital care training! 

The session will include

During three hours of fun and games, participants will get the opportunity to experience:

  • How to call 999

    • Use a real phone, connected to our custom built rig

  • H​elping an unconscious person

    • Our ​simplified recovery position, designed for children

  • Assisting a friend having an asthma attack​

    • With the same equipment​ found outside of training

  • Recognising and using an Epi-Pen​

    • When a friend or relative can't use their own​

  • Treating wounds and bleeding​

    • Fake blood, gloves and mess (don't worry - it'll wash out!)​

  • Seeing inside a real ambulance​

    • And (of course), playing with some of the equipment! ​

More information


Training at our centre

Book online today and we'll send you a confirmation email. Joining instructions will be sent to you a week before the event.

Training on location

Please send us a training enquiry via our simple form and we'll get in touch. We keep everything simple and will let you know the process. We'll send you full joining instructions at least a week before the course.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a bottle of water, especially if it's warm! 


Anything else I need to know?

You don't need any first aid experience or prior knowledge. You will need to be able to communicate, including reading, writing and speaking in English. There will be lots of running around and activities at floor level.



Training at our centre

We understand that sometimes plans change, so we'll move your booking to another of our courses - completely free! Please just give us at least a week (7 days) notice. If you don't give us 7 days notice, we reserve the right to refuse to change your course. 

If you'd like to cancel your place on any of our courses, you need to give us at least 7 days notice and we'll provide a refund*. If you don't give seven days notice, or in the case of a no-show, you will not be entitled to any refund.

On the flip side, we usually need at least 6 participants in order to guarantee a course will run - any less and you don't get the full experience. If the course doesn't have enough people to run, we'll tell you a week before and move you onto our next course. If that doesn't work for you, then just tell us and we'll move your booking to any other of our courses or give you a refund. 

*in the case of cancellation, we'll provide a full refund minus an administration fee of £10 per place cancelled. 

Training on location

If you need to cancel or move the course for any reason, we'll do so, for free if you give us at least 7 days notice. In the event you're unable to give 7 days notice, we reserve the right to refuse to move or cancel the course.

Our fees for on location training are flat. We charge the same regardless of the number of people (up to the max) who join. In the event that someone who was booked onto the course doesn't attend, we won't provide a refund for that person.


Sometimes we like to take photos and or videos of our courses being run for publicity purposes. If this applies to your course, we'll let you know and give you the opportunity to opt-out. Any photographs or video footage taken (for any reason) becomes property of EAS Medical. If you'd like to take your own photos or videos, please talk to your trainer first.

Please note: photographs and videos must not be taken of any Powerpoint slides or assessment materials.

Equal opportunities

We want you to succeed and we're going to do everything possible to ensure everyone has ability to succeed with us. However, you must be able to satisfy the requirements of assessment in order to pass the course.


This might include:

  • reading, writing and speaking in English

  • kneeling down

  • carrying out CPR with two hands

  • laying on the floor (and getting up again)

  • being able to use a telephone


If you think you'll struggle with any of these things, please contact us before the course and we'll talk about what help we can provide. If you're unable to meet all of the requirements, we'll provide you with an EAS certificate to show you attended the course, but did not meet the requirements of the qualification. 

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